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Terence Rigby


Local barrister with expertise in areas of the law which are very relevant to setting up the Trust. Negotiating agreements and holding potential 'partners' to account.

BWFCST Board Members

The BWFCST Board was formed in August 2016 after the externally administered elections and is made up of the members below. Opportunities exist for all BWFCST members to put their names forward for a variety of co-opted board positions or for involvement in several Working Groups. If you are interested in becoming involved, please email your details and any relevant information to

Mike Smith

Mike Smith

Board Member

Bolton Wanderers supporter and season ticket holder for over 43 years. Influential in the formation of the Bolton Wanderers Supporters' Trust.
Maggie Tetlow

Maggie Tetlow

Board Member

Lifelong fan and season ticket holder. With a background in Media, Maggie is committed to raising the profile of the Trust and its objectives and bringing the passion back to the club.
Robin Fletcher

Robin Fletcher

Board Member

It was good news to hear I had been given a place on the BWFCST’s Board. The news was tempered by the Corona Virus pandemic.

I have been a Bolton Wanderers supporter since the 1960’s and a season ticket holder for nigh on 50 years.

I believe the Trust is the best vehicle for supporters to safe guard the long term future of the Club. Furthermore, the more members the Trust has the more influence it can bring to bear.

It is my aim that all supporters become members of the Trust. All members should be encouraged to be active including standing to be Directors on the Board.

In this time of National Emergency it is difficult to ask people to engage with the Trust, particularly when personal hardships are unknown, however it is a time to ensure that when the pandemic is under control we are best placed to help to get BWFC back on track.
Paul Wood

Paul Wood

Board Member

I consider the trust the only true vehicle available to the ordinary supporter to enable us to have a voice and influence. I wanted to help out in our hour of greatest need under/after our last ownership challenges.

Individually we are just customers, but collectively we must safeguard and represent the true stakeholders of our great club, the Supporters, who are the lifeblood of any football club.

The coming months will present huge challenges for all UK business, especially football clubs in the lower leagues.

BWFCST has never been more important than in the coming months and I would encourage all supporters to become members and help the trust in any way possible.
Sue Higson

Sue Higson

Board Member

I feel really privileged to sit on the Board of BWFCST, having signed up to be a member on that evening in January 2016 when more than 1000 of us came together in the Platinum Suite with a shared concern about our club.

I’m just a regular fan. BWFC became part of who I am back in December 1977 when my Dad took his then 10 year old daughter to her 1st game. He didn’t think I’d like it……..43 years later, I’m still a season ticket holder.

I joined the Trust because I care about the club’s future, and I care about our fans being a key part of that future. But now more than ever, we’re in uncharted territory.

Covid-19 is world changing. Football, our club, its staff, our supporters and the Bolton community will all feel its effects in ways none of us could have ever anticipated.

When the time is right, we have an opportunity to reconnect, grow our membership and collaborate with the club; so that we ALL become part of bringing both pride and success back to Bolton Wanderers.

For now, we all need to focus on staying safe and supporting those whose need is the greatest.

I don’t profess to have all the answers, but BWFC matters; and I am committed to doing the best I can for our club and our supporters.

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