Join The Bolton Wanderers Supporters’ Trust

Since the open meeting held at on 6th January 2016 in the Premier Suite at the Macron Stadium, when in the region of 1,000 BWFC fans voted unanimously to form a Supporters’ Trust, the backing from the fans has been nothing short of breath-taking. In accordance with the mandate received, the Bolton Wanderers Supporters’ Trust was registered in record time on 15 January 2016.

Amidst the turmoil surrounding the club’s financial and ownership issues, the commitment of the BWFC fans to their club became obvious for all to see. From Day 1, membership pledges flooded in and made the BWFCST the fastest growing Supporters’ Trust in English football. Support has also been gathering from around the globe, with BWFC fans from many countries backing the Trust.

The momentum generated since the founding of BWFCST in January 2016 continues to gather pace and the BWFCST will continue to grow with time.

Owned by the fans and for the fans, the BWFCST will have a major role to play in the future of our club, not just in the stability and sustainability that it can help to provide, but also in helping to raise funds to support key projects and supporting community initiatives. The place of BWFC in the Bolton community will be at the forefront of the thinking of the BWFCST and will be a cornerstone in the development of the Trust.

Being a member means the BWFCST can communicate more effectively with our fan base and make sure as many supporters as possible can have a voice in the running of their club. We recognise the fact that BWFC fans come from a variety of backgrounds and locations and we want to engage with you all.

As a member you will receive regular updates regarding both the BWFCST and BWFC, you will be able to attend regular events and of course you’ll get a chance to influence the running and governance of BWFC by being able to vote on both the election of Trust board members and on specific policy items. However, membership of BWFCST is about more than this – it is about being part of the future of your club and of your Supporters’ Trust.

Although we want to keep membership costs as low as possible, we do need to have a subscription fee, as the Trust has administration costs to meet on an annual basis. All of your funds will be used wisely and will be fully accounted for as shown in the annual accounts. The audited accounts will be freely accessible for all members to view when published.

Times are changing at BWFC and we would ask any committed supporters who wish to be a part of their club’s future to join the BWFCST and play your part in helping to bring stability and sustainability.

We can stand by and do nothing… or we can stand up and be proud that we tried everything!