Website Incident Update from BWFCST

  • Message from the Supporter’s Trust Chair

On Sunday 5th February at 14.40, our website was compromised by a hacker. All websites are unfortunately prone to hacking, and in our instance, the offender accessed the backend login of the website using account login details and placed a post onto the website.

The incursion was bothersome but not dangerous and at no time was member personal data at risk. All the data of members is stored, with extra security, on a 3rd party site therefore there is no compromise whatsoever with any members details: personal, card, bank details nor otherwise.

Swift action has been taken to move forward positively from this event. The offending post was swiftly removed and the days since the hacking have been spent closely monitoring the site. All site and member data is well and remains secure and uncompromised. In addition, all passwords have been changed to higher security ones. An email has also been sent informing members that their details are safe.

We’re really sorry for the alarm this might have caused, and we realise you’re likely to have further questions about happened. Should you require any more information, please email

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