UPDATED: BWFCST Proud To Announce Partnership With The Bolton Wanderers Development Association

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BWFCST are pleased to announce the first partnership arrangement in moving forwards with establishing the Trust as an active voice for the BWFC fans. Our first partners will be the Bolton Wanderers Development Association (BWDA) and we sincerely hope that this will be the start of a long and mutually beneficial relationship to assist with the BWFCST aims of increasing the involvement of the supporters in running of the club.

Many supporters are aware of the BWDA, but perhaps are less aware of the work that has been funded by the substantial amount of money raised over the years by the Association. All projects funded by BWDA are geared towards benefiting the supporters, whether it be from a stadium safety and access point of view (stadium signage, provision of defibrillators, disabled suite upgrades) to improvement of the matchday experience (provision of stadium big screen, North Stand Lower artwork, ticketing access systems).

The Bolton Wanderers Development Association is a separate limited company which operates four lotteries, namely Lifeline, Goldline, Instant Win Scratchcards and Golden Gamble half-time draw, and is registered with the Gambling Commission (www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk).

It was the Lifeline, set up in 1982, that helped to save the club in its former hour of need, as Nat Lofthouse appealed to the fans for their help and we believe that together we can make the same impact and help to move the club forward in 2016.

The four BWDA lotteries have continued to raise millions over the years, thanks to the support and generosity of the fans and the community, which have been crucial in improving the facilities and providing BWFC fans with a Stadium that we have all been proud of, and still are! Click here for a full list of projects since 2000 and click here for a more in-depth review of past projects. And let’s not forget the thousands of people who have won up to £7,500 in the daily and weekly draws.

BWFCST have joined forces with BWDA to bring you a very special offer. Join the Lifeline for just £2 per week or Goldline for just £1 per week and you will receive a BWFCST voucher for £10 or £5 respectively as full/part payment of your trust membership fee. This, in turn, will then entitle you to a share in the Trust and a say in the running of your club. Simply email lotteries@bwfc.co.uk to request a lottery application form.

BWDA have confirmed that if you are already a member of either the Lifeline or Goldline lottery, then if you introduce a family member, friend or colleague to Lifeline or Goldline, you will also receive a BWFCST voucher of the appropriate value.

Lifeline, Goldline, Bolton Wanderers Development Association

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