BWFCST – Update on Election Progress

The BWFCST Steering Group is committed to moving towards a fully accountable election process with full transparency and to involving as many Trust members as possible in voting to elect the first BWFCST board. In order to achieve this, we are working with Supporters Direct regarding all aspects of the process, including the structure and constitution of the board, identification of skill sets required for all board positions and the mechanisms for proposal and seconding of suitable candidates for selection by the members. Further information regarding the election procedure can be viewed here in the Supporters Direct Election Policy document.

The Election Management Group, under the independent chairmanship of Dave Cookson, met yesterday (02 March 2016) with Electoral Reform Services Ltd with a view to utilising their services to administer the whole of the BWFCST board election process. The meeting was successful and very informative and we are now awaiting proposals from ERS relating to the organisation and administration of our election. We will update all Trust members with full details as soon as they are in our possession.

To ensure that there will be as many Trust members as possible who are eligible to vote in the election, we intend to leave the membership registration period open as long as practically possible, but always bearing in mind the fact that the election should proceed as quickly as possible. We are discussing this aspect with Supporters Direct and ERS at the moment, with the registration period likely to be in the region of 4 weeks. There will need to be a deadline for registration for voting purposes, as with all similar elections, so any BWFC supporters who wish to vote in the election will need to register by the due date.

We will confirm the registration deadline in the near future, but we would urge as many supporters as possible to turn their pledges into memberships as quickly as possible. Any supporter who takes out a membership after the election registration deadline will, of course, still be able to have full access to all other membership privileges, but will not be able to either stand for election or vote in the first board election. Further information regarding the rights of subscribing members can be viewed here in the BWFCST Model Rules.

We would also take this opportunity to remind all supporters who have not yet registered that the joint offer with the BWDA is still available. If you join the Lifeline/Goldline via BWDA, you will receive a £10 or £5 voucher respectively to place against your BWFCST membership. Click here to download their promotional leaflet.


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