Update – Foodbank & Fundraising

Following the BWFCST statement on Thursday regarding discussions with the BWCT, issued in an attempt to co-ordinate and focus the massive generosity and passion being shown nationwide for unpaid BWFC/Whites Hotel staff, we have been continuing our liaison with the Community Trust.

The message now is that assistance in the form of both provisions and fund raising is still required. We would like all to view the Community Trust message below, whilst continuing with your amazing generosity:

“If funds are raised for the purpose of assisting unpaid BWFC (and/or Bolton whites) non-playing staff, BWCT are able to accept those funds either directly or via BWFCST and administer the distribution of those funds. If the purpose of any fundraising initiatives were identified as being for the use of funds at BWCT and/or BWFCST discretion, this would also work.

We would be keen to stress and communicate the efforts of BWFCST and its members in any such fund raising.

The second of the priorities it seems to us (BWCT) at the moment is for assistance with non-perishable, every day consumer goods, and with physical assistance in collecting and distributing these (and the food in the food bank). Great effort from all at BWFCST yesterday in helping to arrange around two tons of food for the food bank – food, however, probably isn’t a priority going forward, at least for a while as a result of recent efforts.

We are all aiming for the same things out of this current situation and we will be keen to work together with BWFCST to help the club and its employees, recognising how important BWFC is in the Bolton community.

Bolton Wanderers Community Trust”

We fully endorse the BWCT message above and will continue to work with our partners there for the help of those members of staff in currently requiring assistance.

As we said on Thursday, we are all in this together.

Keep up the great work, everybody!

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