Two More Ex-Wanderers Back BWFCST

Two more Bolton Legends have voiced their support and encouragement for the fans of Bolton to back the Supporters’ Trust and sign up. Gudni Bergsson and Andy Walker have kindly provided the Trust with the quotes below.

I have met with the acting committee for the Supporters’ Trust and was very encouraged after that meeting.
I felt the passion and the commitment for our club and hopefully an offer can be constructed in due course.
It is somewhat a complicated process but good people, supporters and professionals alike , are working hard to make that happen. The main task is to secure the future of this football club and regain our spirit and strive for success. I’m of course happy to offer my help with that in any which way I can.
- Gudni Bergsson    


As a former player who enjoyed some special moments with Bolton fans, I would like to encourage as many supporters as possible to get behind the efforts of the Supporters’ Trust.
I’m absolutely convinced that with everyone pulling in the same direction and having the same belief and team spirit that was so evident during my time at this great club, we can eventually return to financial stability and be successful again.
- Andy Walker    

The Trust’s Steering Group would like to thank these individuals for their kind words.

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Read 3 more quotes provided by other ex-Wanderers below:

  • I’ve experienced this first hand at Newport and I’m here to tell you, it isn’t easy. Slowly but surely we have built the club up, from the kids playing at junior level to older fans playing walking football and now I can see signs of progress.

    Newport hasn’t got the size or history of Bolton. It is a fantastic opportunity for the people there to make a difference but what I learned here is that you have to concentrate your efforts in the right areas, or otherwise it can be an uphill struggle.

    You need to make sure that people know what you are doing and why you are doing it. You can’t rely 100 per cent on volunteers and you have to have the right structure, with enough people there to do the job.

    I think people in Bolton are realistic and that they know it might get worse before it gets better. But if you take the pain, the reward feels better.

    With no debts and a clean sheet it can be done. You just have to stick together. - Nathan Blake    

  • What a fairytale it would be to see the club owned by fans.

    My son, my daughter, my grandchildren all support Bolton Wanderers even though they’ve never lived there – but I have had the pleasure and my wife is from the town, so I know exactly what it means to the people who live and breathe the club.

    It has always been a fans club. I know times have changed since I played for them and the Premier League has brought in money and foreign stars like you’d never believe. I don’t think Bolton has changed that much, though.

    Wherever you come from, far and wide, players who come to Bolton start to think of the place as home. That is because they instantly get embraced as one of their own.

    I try and explain to people down here in the Midlands what it’s like and I can’t. It is just the epitome of a family club, for me.

    I am fully behind the Supporters’ Trust and their efforts to buy the club. I wish them all the very best. - Neil Whatmore    

  • Bolton was a massive part of my football career and a massive part of my life. I made so many friends there, so when I read about what has happened at the club, of course I am very sad.

    It is a similar place to Silkeborg; a little town outside the bigger cities where you walk outside and people want to talk to you about the football club. It is their life.

    When I was living in Bolton I used to walk down the street and look at the people proudly wearing their Wanderers shirt.

    I played at a time when the team was winning games and doing well. We had more than 20,000 fans at every game and it is easy to talk about how good things were. Now things are not so good and the club needs their fans more than ever.

    To think that the fans could buy the club and take it forward makes me very proud. I wish them a lot of luck. - Henrik Pedersen    


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