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Message From Guðni

Hello to all fellow BWFC supporters. I am so pleased that the Legends game was such a success and it is a pity that I couldn't join in with the party. Perhaps next time? I would just like to encourage all you committed BWFC fans who are not yet signed up to the Supporters' Trust to consider doing so before midnight on 30 May. If you sign up by then you ... More

Personal Message from Guðni Bergsson

Hello to all Wanderers supporters. I am proud to announce that I have today become a member of the BWFCST. I would like to express my support for the BWFCST and the work that they are doing to establish a voice for the fans. I know that there is a meeting at the Macron on 31st March 2016 and I would like to encourage everyone to attend the meeting ... More

Two More Ex-Wanderers Back BWFCST

Two more Bolton Legends have voiced their support and encouragement for the fans of Bolton to back the Supporters' Trust and sign up. Gudni Bergsson and Andy Walker have kindly provided the Trust with the quotes below.   The Trust’s Steering Group would like to thank these individuals for their kind words. Read 3 more quotes ... More