The Voice of Experience – Pompey Trust Chairman Offers Advice & Support

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As the Bolton Wanderers Supporters’ Trust continues to develop, Ashley Brown, chairman of the Pompey Trust has voiced his ongoing support towards the BWFCST. He emphasises the need for organisation and togetherness in preparation for any bid proposal.

“I continue to follow the Bolton story with interest, keeping in touch with the steering group offering our support wherever possible. I understand how fans can sometimes be frustrated with the pace things seem to be happening but I know the group are working hard behind the scenes to keep things moving along. It’s important to have a leadership group, Trevor Birch will be expecting to see that organisation and shape if he is to take the Trust seriously. The initial support shown by Bolton fans is absolutely outstanding and if you continue to work together and show support for the Trust, then saving and owning your great football club is a real possibility.” - Ashley Brown

We’d like to thank Ashley and the rest of the Pompey Trust again for their support and advice through our uncharted times. Gaining further insight into the possibility of acquiring the Club is invaluable and is greatly appreciated.

Can you help?

Are you a Senior Bank Official or a Public Relations expert or know someone who is? If you or they have the time to spare, BWFCST urge you to complete an Expression of Interest form and get in contact with us!

Once more, we thank all the supporters who have already submitted their EOI forms. All of them have been documented and will be responded to shortly. Due to the sheer amount of submissions we’ve received it has been difficult replying to each and every one of them but we assure you, they are being warmly received. Thank you!

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