Parliamentary Select Committee on Football Governance

On Monday 17 October 2016 the Parliamentary Select Committee on Culture, Media, and Sport examined Football Governance, calling Greg Clark and Darren Bailey from the FA to attend. The video can be found here and for all those interested in contemporary issues in regulating football, and in particular improving the position of fans and grass roots football, it provides very interesting viewing.

Our own club, BWFC, is referred to at points in the session. We are currently in contact with concerned and active groups who are interested in how the game and how football clubs are regulated. In the near future we do plan to engage with the Select Committee to raise the profile of BWFC and have the supporters’ voice represented.

Please feel free to contact us with any points you wish us to be aware of or your opinions on any of the issues the video raises for you. Please leave any comments on 

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    October 26, 2016 (8:59 AM)

    Thanks for highlighting this. It was worth watching but, in truth, the hearing seemed to me to amount to little more than an opportunity for football supporting MPs to let off a bit of justifiable steam. The FA’s Director of Governance, Darren Bailey, didn’t turn up and his sub had no authority and little, if anything, of interest to say.

    Much of the thrust was whether,in the light of the Panorama allegations and the Quest investigation, the FA had carried out sufficient due diligence before appointing Sam Allardyce. If the MPs had been serious about this, it would have helped if they had insisted on the attendance of those who were responsible for carrying out the due diligence and making the decision to appoint BIg Sam. FA Chairman, Greg Clarke, seemed just a tad too content to deflect these questions on the undeniable fact that he wasn’t there.

    The other bit of interest to BWFC was the uninformed (dare I say half-baked) enquiries into the ownership of BWFC, juxtaposed with questions about offshore investment into Everton, as if there might be some correlation. The MP concerned appeared to be shooting in the dark though it was interesting that Clarke had forgotten Eddie Davies’ name.

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