Key Partner - Bolton Wanderers Community Trust

Bolton Wanderers Community Trust is a ‘not for profit’ Independent Registered Charity affiliated to and supported by Bolton Wanderers Football Club.


As Bolton Wanderers Community Trust we are committed to working at the heart of the community with the community at its heart. Through the use of sport we are dedicated to providing quality experiences for the wider community of Bolton in order to assist in narrowing the gap of disadvantage. We are committed to act as positive role models to inspire, enhance and change lives and to achieve this in partnership with others. We commit to create a sustainable charity, with a cohesive approach and to become a blue print of best practice.

This year BWCT are celebrating 30 years of working at the Heart of the Community and BWFCST are working in partnership on some key initiatives to help raise the profile of the great work that is going on in our community.

Frequent Questions About The Community Trust

  • Is the Community Trust owned by the Football Club?

    No, BWCT is completely independent. Though supported by the Football Club BWCT has its own board of directors who help shape the strategic direction to help narrow the gap of disadvantage across the borough.

  • How is the Community Trust funded?

    BWCT has to finance its work across the borough by seeking Grant Funding, Sponsorship, Donations and In Kind support.

  • How many programmes does the Community Trust manage?

    Currently there are 33 active programmes across the borough which is increasing year on year. Next season we are intending to start a pilot project to help Horwich become Dementia friendly. If successful we hope to roll this out across the borough and make Bolton a Dementia friendly Town.

  • How can I help the Community Trust?

    There a number of ways to get involved with the great work BWCT are doing in our community from volunteering to project sponsorship. We encourage you to visit the website for more information.

Videos of the Community Trust's great work - Press Play

Visit The Bolton Wanderers Community Trusts' Website: Click Here