BWFCST Meet With Ken Anderson

First Meeting

On Wednesday 04 May 2016, Richard Hurst and Ian Bridge of the Bolton Wanderers Supporters Trust had a first meeting with the new BWFC Chairman, Ken Anderson. After briefly outlining the history of the Supporters Trust, from the initial registration in January ’16 to the current standing of almost 2,500 members, discussion turned to how the Trust could become involved in the operation of the club. The trust’s objectives in helping ensure the stability and sustainability of BWFC were outlined, with specific reference to the interests of the supporters and the community.

Members Survey

Ken asked how we saw the BWFCST becoming involved with the club and the current BWFCST online members survey was discussed. Ken was advised that the survey would close on 05 May ’16 and the results would be available and published very quickly afterwards. Ken was informed that the subsequent Supporters’ Trust strategy would be very much guided by the answers given by the members.

One opinion being expressed very clearly from an assessment of the survey to date is a willingness of the trust members to assist the club financially with specific projects relating to the club academy.

Moving Forwards

It was agreed that, at this early stage, the important thing was to develop a mutual respect and understanding while both the club and the trust investigate further ways of achieving a closer relationship between the club, the supporters and the community. It was agreed that future meetings would be held to further the relationship.

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