Congratulations to Stu & Karalyn – Welcome to Kennady Rose!

We’d like to thank supporters for their patience whilst we are still in the process of setting the Trust up and working with the club on its future. We are working hard on all fronts and we are all extremely positive with the progress that is being made.

First of all we’d like to congratulate Stuart Holden on the birth of his daughter, and wish him the absolute best in his future career now he has retired. We know Stu mentioned the Trust this week and we will be in touch to see if Stu would like to be involved in some way with the Trust.

We’ve had a remarkable amount of support from former players and we hope to have more being involved in the very near future. We will update supporters with any news on this as and when we get it.

Like many others, we have found it frustrating how long it is taking to get our bank account set up. Sadly it isn’t simply a case of wandering into a bank and getting one. As the trust is a Community Benefit Society there are a considerable number of hoops we have to jump through to get the account running.

We’d like to reassure everyone that we are working hard to get this done as soon as possible.

So as soon as it is ready and we are in a position to take membership fees we will let everyone know.

We are also in constant dialogue with the club regarding any takeover. It is clear that the Trust itself could not takeover the club alone. So we have been continuing to look at how a Community-led takeover could work and how other trusts have been able to be an active partner in any takeover of their club.

Obviously we have worked very closely with the Pompey Trust and are now speaking to a number of others to ensure we have as much information as possible to take forward.

Our request for preferred bidder status is still being considered by the club, and we are working closely with them to show why a Community-led takeover, where the Supporters Trust is a central pillar, would be the best option.

Again we will update supporters as soon as we have any update. Thank you!

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