STATEMENT: BWFCST Welcome Dean Holdsworth & Sports Shield

BWFCST Steering Group would like to congratulate Dean Holdsworth and Sports Shield Consortium on their successful acquisition of BWFC, subject to approval from the Football League, and welcome Dean back to Bolton. BWFC supporters will have fond memories of Dean’s time with our club and hope that the new regime can galvanise all parties in pulling together and achieving the stability and success that we all crave.

Undoubtedly, supporters will ask what this now means for the BWFCST. Suffice it to say that Dean has already reached out to the Trust and has had early contact with the Steering Group regarding the establishment of a positive relationship. To see the owner and Supporters’ Trust working together towards achieving success both on and off the field should be viewed as a positive and is hopefully the start of a new chapter in the long and proud history of our club.

The Steering Group will continue to work towards full establishment of the BWFCST whilst now looking towards developing a positive and effective relationship to assist and encourage the club’s new owner wherever possible. This relationship will always be with the primary aim of providing a democratic and representative voice for the BWFC supporters and strengthening the bonds between the club and the communities which it serves. The value of BWFC in the wider Bolton community is a vital part of the success of that community and the BWFCST will look towards achieving the greatest possible supporter and community influence in the running and ownership of the club.

Once again, welcome back to Dean and his team and let’s all try to move forward together.

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