BWFCST Membership Fees Statement

We have had feedback from a number of members regarding the waiving of the annual subscription fee.  Some of you have been quite surprised by this announcement and have told us that you are more than happy to pay the £10 annual fee.  This is great news and we wish to emphasise that those of you who choose to carry on supporting the Trust in this way are more than welcome to do so and we would be delighted for you to continue with your payment.  Any donations of this nature will be gratefully received and help with the work that we do, however, we just wanted to give members the option either way.  As we outlined at the AGM, the funds raised from events and sponsorship have put us in a good position financially but our key objective is to increase membership numbers as much as possible to strengthen the voice of supporters and we hope that this initiative assists us in growing the Trust and furthering its aims.
Should you wish to discuss this further please do get in touch as we welcome your feedback.

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