Bolton Wanderers Supporters’ Trust & The Club

The Bolton Wanderers Supporters Trust would like to clarify a number of points that have been made recently in light of recent comments in the media.

Since a supporters trust was first spoken of as a concept, Bolton Wanderers Football Club have engaged and supported us. They continue to do so and we are very proud to say that we have a club that sees the benefit of a supporters trust at their club. Other supporters across the country are not that lucky.

We cannot emphasises enough how supportive the club has been. They have assisted us in allowing us to use facilities for our inaugural event, using the address of the stadium as our postal address, and helping facilitate having the Pompey Trust and representatives of Portsmouth FC assist us at that first meeting and since.

We will continue to engage with the club through this difficult period and beyond.

We now have approaching 5,000 individuals who have committed to joining the trust and the club recognise we are the legitimate voice of supporters.

We must stand united behind the Supporters Trust. Any splinter groups or isolated voices will only serve to weaken the supporters position going forward.

We ask that any organisations or individuals who care about our club join the trust, and then allow us to continue to work and foster the relationship we have for the mutual benefit of the trust, the club and supporters.

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    January 25, 2016 (9:38 AM)

    Are you looking for nominations for a Head Spokes Person for the Trust?

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