What On Earth Is Happening To Our Club?

All BWFC supporters are aware of the current on-field problems affecting our club. The rights and wrongs and the ups and downs of current football matters are the subject of much ongoing debate. This debate will continue – but only if our club remains in existence.

However, the resolution of the ownership and governance issues, being currently played out in both the private and the public domains, will be the deciding factor as to whether we have a club to support.

The Football Ventures (Whites) consortium has recently been reported to have actually signed a Heads of Terms agreement and carried out a subsequent period of due diligence. Mr Anderson’s “note from the Chairman”, posted on the club website only 5 days ago, reported that the Chairman was hopeful “that the takeover will be completed later this week”.

On Friday, 3 days after Mr Anderson’s positive notes, supporters are then hit with the news in the local press that the Football Ventures (Whites) consortium were “believed to have pulled out of the deal”.

A Plea From The Heart

The current breakdown in negotiations between Mr Anderson and the Football Ventures (Whites) consortium leaves the club governance matters in a precarious state. With the court appearance scheduled for Wednesday, the future of BWFC is, once again, in serious doubt.

In view of this, we are making a plea from the heart for all parties to work together to achieve a resolution. As well as Mr Anderson and Mr Basran (Football Ventures consortium), we implore the other stakeholders and club creditors to show a willingness to achieve a future for BWFC.

Undoubtedly, some compromise will be needed. And all parties have a significant part to play in achieving a solution.

Please, on behalf of the club, the club employees, the supporters and the Bolton community, can all interested parties put their differences to one side, agree to compromise and to work together to avoid driving OUR club out of existence.

2 Replies to "A PLEA FROM THE HEART"

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    John Heyes
    March 17, 2019 (8:11 PM)

    I am just sick and tired of all the lies from the Chairman and I want nothing more to do with BWFC until he has gone and someone takes over. We are disgraceful both on and off the field. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !

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    Ian Oxford
    March 18, 2019 (1:02 PM)

    I’d say our old lady going to pass away soon, if so could we not come back as a AFC club and rebuild from the beginning, it will be a sad day for football.

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